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About Us

We strive for excellence in everything we do

With over twenty years combined experience in producing works of fiction and another fifteen in non-fiction, we aim to work with you to create a quality product from start to finish.

"There is no happy ending to be found in these pages, only fond memories of the ones we find between them."
- Brandon Cliffe
Here at New Traditions, we have four pillars on which we pride ourselves: Quality, Communication, Efficiency, and when it applies - Cost Effectiveness.

Quality - When it comes to the quality of our work, we will not rest until exactly what you want is delivered to you.  We stand behind our work 100% and will continually revise until we deliver your vision into reality.  Whether we be ghost writing a manuscript for you or producing and publishing a novel, New Traditions ensures that you are always satisfied. 

Communication - Every decision and every step of the production process, you will be informed and consulted.  Your vision will be all that matters in completing this process.
Efficiency - Your vision, your time frame.  We will provide our estimated completion time, and if that doesn't work for you then we will adjust accordingly.

Cost Effectiveness- When it comes to editing or ghostwriting, we strive to give you more "Bang for your buck." We are here to help you bring your work to life in a manner that helps your wallet. We offer competitive costs and pride ourselves on our lower than industry rates. 


Founded in 2016 by authors Courtney Olson and Brandon Cliffe, New Traditions has tried to use only the best in the industry for production on their works.  

Ghostwriting with us is primarily done by one of those two, but we do employ other skilled writers such as Malika Bonilla and Dylan Zielinski for larger projects.  

Editing follows much the same path, though with less reliance on outside staff.  We feel that only through a developing relationship with our authors can we edit their works to within their standards and produce a book they can be proud to put their name on.  

Our art is done through freelancers that work directly with the author to ensure their artwork is done exactly how they envision it.  We have in the past employed artists such as Meagan Deiss and Malika Bonilla who have agreed to work exclusively with us when it pertains to book covers and illustrations.  Their work is promenently displayed on our work currently published and in production, and we are proud to have them on board the team.