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Above All Else, We're Publishers

Why We're Different

We want to work with talented writers, such as yourself. We are here to guide you through the arduous process of publishing, as well as aiding you in publishing the best possible product.  We have all been through the stress of writing, editing, and so on.
We aim to make the journey to publishing an easier one for authors.  We try to have a personal relationship with each one of our authors to ensure that your creative dream comes out exactly the way they wanted it to.  

This doesn't mean we won't offer honest feedback or advice along the way, just that we won't ever force you into a decision.  We're more willing to try new things to make each path an individualized one. 

Competitive and negotiable royalty rates and sundown clauses on every one of our contracts ensures that your story remains yours.

What We Are Looking For

We are currently reviewing and accepting works from all genres, so feel free to send us something!

We publish short stories, poems, anthologies, novels, etc.  And will publish in print, e-books, or audio books.  Whatever you're looking for with your dream, we're equipped to help you and move your ideas forward.

Currently looking for:

Fiction novels, YA to Adult.
Genres of Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror, and Erotica. 

If your work falls outside these categories, you are still encouraged to apply.  These are simply what we are currently actively recruiting.
Send emails to [email protected]

Address your emails as: "Your Name" - Submission - "Work Title"

Attach an excerpt of the work, 10 Pages, PDF or DOC format preferred.  

Include in the body of the message 
- Your Contact information
- Genre of the work
- Tell us a bit about you!