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If you want to go the self-publishing route, or have another publisher in mind, thats alright!

We also have top class editors and writers on staff who are willing and able to help you out should you need them.  



Writing isn't easy.  And sometimes you need another voice to come in and help you reach your wordcount.  

Other times, you need someone to take your idea for the next great novel and make it into a reality.  

No matter what stage of planning or writing you're at, our writers here at New Traditions will quickly and efficiently get you to where you want to be while matching the voice of your original manuscript.  

Rates for ghostwriters are negotiable, depending on the project.  To get a quote on a writing project, make the subject of your email -

(Your Name) - Ghostwriting - (Approx Wordcount)

and send to [email protected] and a personal writer will be in touch in a day or two.
We also keep in house editors for reviewing projects as an author may want done.  But if you're only looking for an editor, we can ensure you're work is completed while remaining true to your artistic vision.

A typical price for editing is between $30 - $40 an hour for the work, depending on the type of editing you want done and the style of the work.

To begin the process, make the subject of your email -

(Your Name) - Editing - (Approx Wordcount)

and send it to [email protected] and an editor will get back to you in a day or two.